Data Security

PSB has in place a comprehensive, documented information security policy/program. This information is published and communicated to all employees as well as relevant Third Parties. Information security policies and standards are reviewed on an annual basis and updated on an as needed basis. Highlights include:

Physical controls and safeguards

PSB has in place a documented physical security program that covers protection of all sensitive client and customer information. Highlights include:

  • Buildings protected with badge access required at all entrances
  • Badge system requires each user to swipe their badge when entering the facility and when transitioning to a different portion of the facility
  • Physical access facility controlled by a badge process that uniquely identifies each person entering, access restricted to areas of facility needed to perform their job duties
  • Restricted access to buildings or areas where data is stored, transmitted, or processed to authorized personnel only
  • Non-employees access policy includes 2 forms of ID and PSB employee escort
  • Each entrance is monitored with a security camera monitoring of all entrances
  • Exterior doors and windows at all locations monitored by security alarms, motion sensors and glass break sensors
  • Onsite physical monitoring of entrance/exit
  • Clear desk, clear screen policy
  • Secure Paperless Environment Policy
  • Controls in place to ensure that office equipment such as faxes and printers are clear of sensitive information, both during and after business hours, and access to printed output is restricted
  • Documented records retention and disposal policy

Electronic controls and safeguards

  • Information Security training curriculum
  • Current PCI certification, documented process to ensure ongoing PCI certification
  • Documented access control security policy
  • Encryption controls to ensure all confidential information received or sent is encrypted, confidential, authentic, and that information integrity is maintained
  • Documented policy for use and management of removable media

Agent Security Protocol

All PSB agents must complete a thorough vetting process. Agent training and background checks include:

  • Criminal background check
  • Compliance testing and ongoing remedial training in data compliance and security
  • Live monitoring of Agent activity
  • 100% Call recording and storage

Technical Safeguards

At PSB, our technical security is multifaceted and monitored and updated regularly. Some of the technical precautions currently used at PSB include the following:

  • Passwords: Our password program includes strong passwords, no allowable password storage, 30-day password expiration limits, settings for password reuse that require more than five changes, and restrictions on password sharing.
  • Data: Any sensitive data that needs to be transmitted or transported off-site must comply with a minimum of 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.  This includes email, file transfer (SFTP), and backup devices (external drives, tapes, or cloud).
  • Local access to data is by direct business need only and is strictly enforced.
  • Servers are monitored, maintained, and patched on a scheduled basis.
  • Firewall and external access /Internet firewall: Unused port access is disabled, remote connections via VPN with IP address whitelist only. Deep packet filtering is monitored regularly.{
  • Remote access devices: Director Level and IT employees may be approved to have remote access to the local network via company provided or approved device such as a laptop or tablet. These devices can only access the local network with dual authentication. No company data can be stored on these devices, and monthly maintenance is performed to ensure compliance. Drive encryption is currently being implemented on these devices. Telework can be management approved in limited instances, and these devices must comply with similar restrictions.
  • Backups: Redundant backups of all mission-critical data are performed. Our cloud backup plan is near implementation.
  • Antivirus/malware: All servers and user workstations are protected by multiple instances of industry-leading software, which is centrally managed and updated.
  • Email filtering blocks viruses, Trojans, and phishing email.
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