For B2B Creditors

Business-to-business transactions are a significant part of many companies’ operations. Building vendor relationships with other businesses can help a company grow and thrive. However, there are times when other businesses fall behind on payments, and you need to recover that outstanding debt.

PSB understands the sensitive nature of business-to-business collections, and we are here to help you communicate the obligations that your business partners owe to you. We realize that you may have current and ongoing relationships with these organizations, and our team is trained to use professional, ethical collection methods designed to protect your future partnerships.

Our goal is to help you improve cash flow and reduce the human and financial resources needed to collect your business-to-business debt. Our innovative solutions are intended to allow you to focus on your business while we work diligently to increase your bottom line.

Some of our custom, compliant services include the following:

  • Customer retention programs
  • Invoice resolution
  • Transparency of process
  • Liability investigation
  • Nationwide legal services
  • Extensive data scrubs
  • Expanded skiptracing resources and programs
  • Internal scoring methods to identify a company’s ability to pay you
  • 100 percent call recording for compliance and quality assurance
  • Secure online access to your accounts in real time
  • Flexible and customized reporting packages
  • Stringent physical and data security protocols
  • Customized letter campaigns
  • Customized phone campaigns
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