For Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers face many challenges when it comes to accounts receivable management (ARM) services. Insurance and other third-party payment information, charity programs, and self-pay accounts must be managed and monitored for payment, and follow-up can be extensive on many invoices.

PSB appreciates the challenges faced by doctors’ offices, hospitals, and medical centers, and we provide solutions designed to free your staff to concentrate on other tasks while we manage your accounts in various stages of billing and collection. Our compliant programs offer the benefits of customized approaches that inform and educate your patients while we uphold your mission and vision for your community.

Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable about the specific legal concerns that affect the healthcare industry and specialized communication approaches that work for healthcare accounts. We offer a comprehensive menu of services that are intended to cover a variety of areas of your ARM functions and can tailor your program to your unique goals and needs.

Some of the services provided by PSB for healthcare clients include the following:

  • Early-out self-pay billing programs
  • Dedicated teams for insurance review, verification, and follow-up
  • Dedicated patient billing staff
  • Manual phone communication campaigns
  • Customized letter campaigns
  • 100 percent call recording
  • Flexible systems integrations options
  • Flexible, customized reporting packages
  • Charity program coordination
  • Insurance revenue cycle management
  • Preregistration services
  • Medicare and Medicaid account management
  • System conversions and cleanup
  • Customized, compliant collection campaigns
  • Extensive data scrubs
  • Expanded skiptracing resources and programs
  • Nationwide legal services
  • Internal scoring methods to determine patients’ ability to pay
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