Our Team


People truly make the difference. We are only able to do what we do because of the truly exceptional group of professionals that work with our Client partners every day.

Our teams are led by a dynamic group of individuals committed to developing strong performers, quality processes, and compassionate delivery of our services.

CEO: Rene Engh

Ms. Engh has been with PSB & MARS since 1979, and assumed partial ownership in 2003 with Mr. Rob Gibbs.

Her experience in Technology, Finance, and Strategic Planning create a strong foundation for PSB & MARS to continue to deliver impact to our partners.

President: Rob Gibbs

Mr. Gibbs has helped lead our teams and vision since 1994. His strong leadership, team development, and Client support background continues to ensure we are focused on the most important part of our business: our Clients, their Customers, and our teammates.

Mr. Gibbs has received many industry awards from his leadership in both ACA and the MAC Council.

Vice President of Operations: Mr. Jack Roe

Since 1989 Mr. Roe has led Revenue Cycle teams both for providers (Allina), and Revenue Cycle operational excellence groups.

Mr. Roe’s unique perspective helps our teams fundamentally understand our Clients challenges, and gives insight into the solutions we deliver.

Vice President of Business Development: Mr. Sjorn Lundquist

Sjorn works closely with our current and prospective partners and operations teams. His strong background in analytics and operational development help he and his team identify barriers and create solutions.